lunedì 25 febbraio 2019

Against racist "pedagogy" and do-it-yourself "justice" Roma and Sinti hunger strike

From February 26th, from 3pm, in front of Montecitorio, a delegation from the Kethane-Roma movement andSinti for Italy begins a hunger strike against racist violence.

On Thursday 21 February in the Roman subway, a 29-year-old man grabbed a knife and wounded an 11-year-old boy in the back of his head. The child is Roma and the Italian aggressor. The man kept shouting: "I want to kill you all" and accused the boy of having robbed him of 70 euros. The child did not have 70 euros in his pocket, but this did not change much. Whether they steal, ask for charity or do nothing, the "Gypsies" are to be re-educated. Just like the 18-month-old girl, who in Rome while in her mother's arms, was hit in the back with a shotgun, or like the sinner in Brescia who was shot while escaping from her camper to which a criminal had given fire and so on.

A crescendo of violence that finds support and justification in a policy that has taken the bulldozer as a symbol, the eviction as a practice and that encourages do-it-yourself justice. Go ahead and hate, now words are no longer enough, on social media, in bars, on buses or in supermarkets, now we move on to "educational" violence, because you are the enemy, the cause of all evil, "Gypsy" or "Negro", child or adult you are. If then the example comes from above - the teacher who pillory the black child in Foligno, the minister of the interior who brings solidarity and asks the pardon for the criminal in jail for attempted murder of a helpless gas thief - the taboos fall and when this happens we are faced with a precipice of which no one knows the depth.

As a sign of civil resistance to a racism that makes our lives a fight against daily violence, the "KETHANE - Roma and Sinti for Italy" movement begins a hunger strike from Tuesday, February 26th in Piazza Montecitorio. We want to witness the suffering of Roma and Sinti in Italy, their refusal of racism that has exceeded the threshold of prejudice to become racist pedagogy in the field.

We ask the representatives of the Italian people, of which we are part, respect for the constitutional principles that make us equal in the face of rights and obligations, we ask that security and justice have the same meaning and value for us as for "the white man" ; we ask to apply the Constitution recognizing and protecting the Roma and Sinta minorities like all other minorities.
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